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Italian version

"When the Mountain abducts a companion of ours, when a dear brother passes away from our alpine family, tears don't flow from our eyes to relieve the bitterness: sorrow remains, repressed, in our heart."

Many thanks to
Bruno Rosano

Posto tappa GTA Ussolo

Agriturismo Al Chersogno
(food too)

La tano di grinch
(food too)

B&B Il Cielo

This sentence appeared on the dark home page of the CAI Bra web-site. It was the silent way to say goodbye to Massimo, a companion and a friend for all of us. Afterwards, the bitterness and the sorrow dissipated and the idea of creating something concrete to his memory grew.
The Maira Valley would be a suitable setting.
Massimo and the Valley are quite similar: wild and retiring but, at the same time, lovely and intriguing for the eyes
of the hiker who wants to explore its hidden parts. 

As a result, the pathway is symbolized
with the footprint of a hiking boot
with Massimo’s initials in the sole
and the print of Poldo’s hoof,
his four-legged friend
in walking and adventure.

Download the track for google earth
(track - waypoint)

track for GPS
(gpx format)


Through a circular route that already exists
but is partially abandoned, the pathway joins
the village of Ussolo (Borgata Vallone)
to Mount Chersogno (3024 m),
then it descends to the village of Campiglione
in the valley of San Michele di Prazzo
and from there it circles back to the starting point.
The pathway is still walkable in both directions
with the same level of difficulty.

In total, it is about 30 km
with a difference in altitude of 1700 m.
As a consequence, we recommended you
to spend two days or more for the full tour.
According to the directions used,
the posto tappa GTA in Ussolo
(unmanaged hut, keys on request),
the Bivacco Bonfante (unmanaged hut, always open)
or the B&B in San Michele di Prazzo
and Grange Chiotti can be
an important support for your nights.

People who loves climbing can experiment the
, that is dedicated to Massimo near the
natural climbing gym
of the bivacco Bonfante

You will find foods and drinks in
Acceglio, Prazzo e San Michele di Prazzo.
fresh  and potable water is available at Fonte Nera
(near Bivacco Bonfante),
in Ussolo, in San Michele di Prazzo.